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What is New Student Course Registration?

Each incoming student who has been admitted books a one-on-one course registration appointment with an Academic Advisor who is able to answer any questions you have about your program, course selections, or other academic concerns.

First-year Students

After you have booked an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor, you can start to plan your courses and draft a schedule of your first year! The links below are here to help you prepare for your meeting.

Transfer Students

Appointments for transfer students typically take between 30 minutes and 1 hour, due to the complexity of dealing with transfer courses. Transfer students may be able to select courses from outside of the 100-level courses depending on courses that have successfully transferred and their academic level. We work closely with transfer students and meet with them one-on-one to help ease you through the process of transferring and course selection.

Book your course registration appointment

Choosing Majors and Minors

If you are a first-year student, you will receive a Year One Guide by email which will walk you through all the steps of choosing your courses. Use the Guide, along with the course descriptions found on our website, to help decide which courses you would like to enroll in. You can read the full course descriptions online as well as learn about the Core Courses.

Selecting your courses 

In your actual course registration appointment, you will discuss your options with an academic advisor.  At that point, your schedule will be established, and alternates may be recommended. Academic advisors are there to help you finalize a package of courses that will suit your future goals.

Can’t decide? You don’t have to choose a major and minor right away and you can always meet with an Academic Advisor if you change your mind. The Core Curriculum and your first-year courses allow you to explore different options and interests. All courses will count towards your overall degree requirements, regardless of what you decide to major in. Some large majors require careful planning from year one to ensure that they will fit into a four-year plan.

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Your Academic Success

Many students need a little extra support to make the transition to university studies. In addition to the Academic Advisors helping you to plan your program at Redeemer, there are lots of opportunities for you to seek advice. All you need to do is ask and our student services staff will be there to guide you to the next step on your academic journey.

Career Centre

When you have a sense of direction and purpose you will be more engaged in your coursework. The Career Centre will help you discover how God is shaping you so you can explore the connection between your studies and your future. We offer career development workshops, assessments, and career counselling.

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Learning Services

Learning Services provides a variety of flexible and innovative services and programs to foster academic success and promote the development of independent and active learners including Study Smart Seminars, the Tutoring Centre, and Disability Services.

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