You’re ready to take the leap and apply for university! There is lots to consider, so that’s why we’re here to guide you through the process and help make this transition as seamless as possible. We look forward to working with you!

Application Process

  1. Apply online!
    Start and submit your application online! It’s free to apply until January 31st (after which it becomes $40 to apply).
  2. Send in your transcripts
    Request and submit up-to-date and official transcripts from your high school(s). Transcripts need to come to us directly from the guidance office (whether it be a hard copy by mail or a photocopy by email).

Apply Now

Admission Requirements

Applicants from Ontario will be considered for admission based on the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of Grade 12U English
  • Five additional Grade 12 U or M level courses
  • Minimum grade average of 65%
  • No O-level courses or co-op courses used in GPA calculation

Additional Information

Additional Program Requirements

If you know what program(s) you are interested in, make sure you read about the potential additional program requirements found on the program’s page.

Language Requirements

All students are required to be proficient in the English language.

What if I have more than 5 additional Grade 12 U or M level courses?

The admission average is calculated based on your Grade 12U English and the best five Grade 12 U or M courses, for a total of 6 courses.

What if I didn’t take the required amount of Grade 12 U or M courses in high school?

If you weren’t able to take one or more of the 5 required Grade 12 U or M courses, it is possible to take the courses through an Independent Learning Centre (ILC), offered by the Ontario school boards.

Does my Co-op count as one of my required courses?

While the co-op program is a great experience, we can’t use it to calculate your admissions average. We can only use Grade 12 U or M courses.

Advanced Placement Examinations

Students currently taking Advanced Placement Examinations with AP scores of 4 or 5 will be considered for transfer credit.