This course covers material from Robertsbridge Fragment to the early nineteenth century keyboard repertoire. In this course students will take an in-depth look at the development of keyboard repertoire and historic keyboard instruments from the fourteenth to midnineteenth centuries (i.e. the Porative, Clavichord, Spinet, Harpsichord, Organ, Forte Piano, and Piano repertoire). Sessions on performance practice issues, student seminars, and field trips to play important instruments will be included.

Music Theory I
Study of basic materials of tonal music, triads, sevenths, non-harmonic tones, analysis of simple musical forms, melody writing, and four-part harmonization in the eighteenth century style.
Music Theory I (MUS‑121);
Music Theory II
Study of secondary dominants, modulation, altered and chromatic chords, melody writing, and four-part harmonization in the eighteenth/ nineteenth century style.
Music Theory II (MUS‑201)

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