Wednesday March 15, 2023

Redeemer University
777 Garner Road East Ancaster ON L9K 1J4
Executive Dining Room

Posted in Wolters Centre, Academics

Join us to hear Dr. Eric Johnson, professor of Christian psychology at Houston Christian University, speak on Abraham Kuyper and the Two Academies.

In his own time, Kuyper envisioned a radical alternative to the modern university. Living when the secular revolution was just taking off, Kuyper believed that Christian academic scholarship originated from spiritual regeneration and should lead to a distinctly Christian version of the disciplines, insofar as regeneration makes a difference. How might Kuyper’s insights be pursued in Christian universities over a hundred years later during the collapse of Christendom? What can we continue to learn from his insights, and what is needed to implement such a vision today? 

Dr. Johnson will also be giving the Wednesday chapel address at 11 a.m. in the Redeemer Auditorium.