Wednesday April 17, 2024

Redeemer University
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Authoritarianism is leaving few untouched as strongman leaders are becoming more prevalent worldwide and concerns around abuse of power are permeating more and more churches. The personality cults that dominate populist politics today—and are increasingly thriving among people of faith—are suggesting to us that there is an innate driving force that underlies our attraction to dominant leaders. Could the biblical story of Israel already hold keys to explaining this phenomenon?

Join Dr. Raymond Chiu, assistant professor of business, for the 2024 Pastor Professor Exchange as he draws upon nearly a decade of research to deconstruct how our God-given moral psychology can be misused in such a way that we make idols out of  human rulers. Understanding the root of this challenge will help us grasp tangible ways to build healthy church cultures that are protected from this harmful blind spot.

Event includes a free, catered lunch.

About Dr. Raymond B. Chiu

Dr. Raymond B. Chiu is an assistant professor of business at Redeemer University. Born in Toronto, Dr. Chiu’s early career was in social enterprise and not-for-profit management with a deep interest in the role of faith in workplace beliefs and civil society. In his research and writing, this interest has led him to explore the intersection of faith, morality and truth in the context of leadership. He is also interested in investigating the means toward greater religious freedom for refugee claimants and religious charities.

Dr. Chiu enjoys guiding students toward a confident engagement with the ambiguous and important challenges facing business people today. Prior to Redeemer, he taught ethics at Brock University and researched leader character at the Ivey Business School of Western University. He enjoys “silent sports” such as hiking and cross-country skiing and currently attends North York (Chinese) Baptist Church, where he serves as a co-leader in their teaching and international student ministries.

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