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Redeemer University
2020-2021 Annual Report

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Year in Review


Relational Learning in a Pandemic

Dual delivery, Redeemer's approach to maintaining relational learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, involved conducting in-person and and remote learning synchronously through a live-stream. Students were able to participate live in class from home or in person, all at the same time.

Redeemer's mission thrives because of the emphasis on community and relationships.

Dr. David Zietsma, President

Greater degree-granting authority

New Degrees of Opportunity

WITH THE PASSING OF BILL 213, Redeemer reaches a historic milestone, receiving greater degree-granting authority and a promising future of new opportunities for students.

Redeemer graduates celebrate in the quad.

Enrolment Increase

Largest Incoming Class in Redeemer's History

Enrolment is up 13.5 per cent over last year with 358 new students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

It’s an exciting time for Redeemer students. We are committed to investing in a vibrant academic and spiritual campus experience that prepares them to make a difference in the world.

Dr. David Zietsma, President

Making Space for Growth and Innovation

Growth Brings
Big Changes to Campus

CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW RESIDENCE and learning facility will include 170 beds in two-, four-, six- and eight-student units, and the new Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Redeemer University

Brand New Look. Same Mission.

The university revealed its new brand, signalling innovation rooted in a rich academic tradition.

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Launch Video

The new brand refreshes the colours and uses cleaner, simpler shapes to modernize it and make it versatile for a digital age.

Redeemer App

App Creates Customizable Digital Campus

As part of a broad initiative to enhance digital technology across the university, the Redeemer App is helping to create online experiences that connect everyone and everything at the university.

A mobile view of the new Redeemer App available for Android and iPhone.

Interview with the Provost

Transitions, Tech and the Value of Learning in Relationship

Resound sat down with then provost and vice president, academic Dr. David Zietsma to discuss plans for the academic year and the future of Redeemer.

I believe Redeemer’s graduates will have a positive impact on their communities, on their places of work and on people’s individual lives so that they too can come to have the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

Dr. David Zietsma, President

The Spring 2021 issue of Resound.

The Book of Numbers and COVID-19

Places of Becoming

The Book of Numbers and Israel’s wandering through the wilderness can act as a guide to actively leaning into our challenging circumstances.

First, we must acknowledge and let sink in the truth that God has us right where he wants us. He has guided us into this experience, he has a purpose for it, and he is accomplishing that purpose.

The Spring 2021 issue of Resound.

Year in Review


This year, Redeemer welcomed 896 students back to campus and congratulated 151 graduates.



Yielding a Harvest

Growing with the Garden

While working at the King’s Garden, third-year student Blessing Oluloto not only learned how to grow food, but saw how God works through service to others.

The “King’s Garden” at West Highland Church.

Serving through Experiental Learning

Placement with Purpose

For fourth-year urban and intercultural ministry student Mayita Caiza, faith and compassion go hand in hand and came to life throughout her co-op placement.

Mayita Caiza ‘21

A Review of Senior Projects

Students Champion Service through Capstone Course

Each year, senior students gather from their various programs to work on a semester-long project that addresses a societal or cultural issue. Here’s a look at some of their hard work and unique initiatives.

EduDeo’s online store built with the help of Redeemer core capstone students.

Picturing the Narrative of scripture

Painting the Biblical Story

As her final project for REL 110: The Drama of Scripture, student Ingrid Bouma chose to depict the biblical narrative through a series of extraordinary original paintings.

Student Ingrid Bouma produced eleven original paintings that weave together the story of Scripture.

Caring for Creation

A Bustling, Bee-Certified Campus

Redeemer's core capstone course achieves a new level of creation care by making its bee friendliness official.

Studying Abroad

New Plays & Perspectives at Oxford

Despite her time being cut short due to COVID-19, fourth-year student Anna Bailey still experienced tremendous personal, academic and spiritual growth while studying abroad at Oxford University.

Anna Bailey poses in a historic phone booth in London, England.

Great Canadian Sales Competition

The Art of the Pitch

Fifth-year business student Matthew Schoenmaker recently competed in the Great Canadian Sales Competition.

Matthew Schoenmaker travelled to Washington, D.C. to be a finalist in the Great Canadian Sales Competition (GCSC).

Notes of Wondering & Celebration

Act Five Year Two is Finished!

For most, this past year will be marked by the various implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will look back and consider lingering costs and scars, lessons learned, memories of despair and loneliness, perhaps some surprising gifts, and hopefully some ways in which we see that God has met us and shaped us.

Act Five Year Two in Photos


Redeemer has 7,152 alumni who are reflecting the love and hope of Jesus wherever they are called.

2020 Alumni Award Winner

Finding the Good Story

Angela Reitsma Bick ’01, Redeemer University’s 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, knows the craft of storytelling – not only for its own sake but for building community, bonding authors and readers, and bringing hope in an often desperate world.

Angela Reitsma Bick ’01 — this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.



Caring for Hamilton's Youth

Pointing At-Risk Youth to the Living Rock

Jennifer deVries ’00 is rethinking outreach ministry during a pandemic in her role as executive director of Living Rock Ministries.

Jennifer deVries — Executive Director of Living Rock Ministries.

Creating Indoor Green Spaces

Cultivating Creation in the Workplace

James Cuthbert ’09 owns and operates Urban Green, a company that creates indoor gardens and green spaces in offices and homes across southern Ontario.

A “green wall” created by James Cuthbert ’09 at Urban Green.

Storytelling through Video

Learning to Fly

For Luke McKee ’14, overcoming a fear of flying has opened doors to a rewarding career focused on storytelling.

Luke McKee ’14 shooting a video for World Vision while overseas.

Classical Education

Instilling Awe and Wonder

Two Redeemer alumni share their experiences with classical education through teaching positions at Oak Hill Academy in Ancaster.

Zach Kingma ’19 teaching Grade 5 at Oak Hill Academy in Hamilton.

Weighing Ethical Implications

The Ethics of Germline Editing

As part of his master of arts in philosophy at McMaster University, Enzo Guerra ’19 is asking critical, faith-driven questions about the daunting and bizarre nature of human genome editing.


12 faculty received $159,401 in research grants and funding.



Integrating Faith and Learning

Stepping into Christ's Mission

Two new Redeemer faculty members discuss integrating faith and learning.

Officially Accredited

CIMMO Recognizes Marketing Program's Excellence

Redeemer's bachelor of arts in business marketing program has received official accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO).

Caring for Students and Teachers

Transformative Care in the Classroom

Dr. Sean Schat, assistant professor of education, advocates the necessity of educational care for students and teachers alike.

Biblical Commentary

Terror and Truth in Judges

In his new commentary on the book of Judges, associate professor of religion and theology Dr. David Beldman explains why this violent, often misunderstood section of the Bible is still relevent for modern Christians.

Multiliteracies Pedagogy

Reflecting a Complex God

Dr. Terry Loerts, associate professor of education, is exploring a multiliteracies pedagogy, the concept of using a range of media, modes and perspectives in teaching and learning and how this fits within a Reformed Christian framework.

Finding Hope

2020 EPI Winner

New Testament scholar and Anglican priest Rev. Dr. Esau McCaulley, the 2020 Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner, is helping to share Black perspectives on biblical interpretation.

Watch the “Reading
While Black and
Reformed” event

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Rev. Dr. Esau McCaulley - the 2020 Emerging Public Intellectual Award Winner.

Your Support

Support from generous donors makes a difference in the lives of young people who chose the Christ-centred education offered at Redeemer.

A Grateful Campus

Giving Thanks

Redeemer’s annual Gratitude Week makes time to be thankful for what God is doing through Christian education and its faithful supporters.

Students gather together to worship on Redeemer's beautiful campus.

Advocates for Christian University Education

Remembering Supporters

Redeemer remembers Bill Voortman and Kleis (Kees) Hensen Sr. for their support of Christian higher education and their contributions, leadership and encouragement for Redeemer over many years.

Read the Bill Voortman story

Read the Kleis (Kees) Hensen Sr. story



Financials at a Glance

Your support has helped Redeemer to deliver on its mission and keep running efficiently.

View our full audited financial statements.

Thank You

Redeemer is grateful to God for the work he has done over the past year through its students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters.

Bonus! Sneak a peek at the 2021/22 theme

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Redeemer’s Theme for 2021-22

Amidst many competing focuses for our attention, we as disciples of Christ are called to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, the author and developer of our faith (Hebrews 12:1-2).