Art is a Bachelor of Arts degree program within the Art Department. It is offered as a general major and as a minor.

A degree in art offers drawing, painting and photography studio classes alongside the study of art history and visual culture. Professors and lecturers are also professional studio artists with experience in marking, exhibiting, and selling art — and they are all committed to nurturing your development as a student, artist and person. By involving you in Hamilton’s growing downtown art culture, your professors will help you develop the skills and knowledge to progress to unique and rewarding art community careers. As the only Christian university in Ontario that offers an Art degree, you will also examine the challenges facing Christian artists today, and explore how your faith impacts your understanding of and practice of art, the aesthetic dimension of life.

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Featured Courses

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Each student arranges, in consultation with an Art Department faculty member, the content of studio work and its exhibition or a significant project in art history, art criticism, or art education.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Take part in frequent trips to attend art exhibits at local arts shows and galleries, in addition to an annual trip to New York City to tour the three premier North American art galleries.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Participate in local art events like the James Street Art Crawl.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

A chance to study abroad at the Australia Studies Centre in Brisbane, Australia.

Meet the Faculty

Prof. Phil Irish Assistant Professor of Art

Being an artist has become, for Phil Irish, a way of exploring the world, stimulating imagination, and of sparking deep exchange with others. Iri...

Student Story

Jenna Hiebert
Art student ‘13


Jenna Hiebert
Art student ‘13

" I was encouraged by a good friend to attend Redeemer to gain some direction in my life, both spiritually and occupationally. I studied visual arts and business during my four years, with little knowledge that I would end up owning a company and working as a full-time lifestyle photographer. At Redeemer, faith is first. Above all social and academic realms, the community of professors, staff and classmates encourage you in your walk with Christ as their first priority. I remember my art professor talking to me about an upcoming deadline, which I was obviously not going to meet. He could have handed me a big fat 0, but instead invited me to share my story and prayed with me. How powerful! Academics at Redeemer are refreshingly challenging, and relationships with the professors meant that I was personally pushed to my full potential in the classroom. Though class assignments and readings are rigorous, success in the workplace is rarely taught from a personal gain perspective. Even in my business courses, “making it to the top” was never heard in class, but rather we were encouraged to use our resources, education, and credentials to help others and to be powerful, loving stewards of the earth. So many aspects of Redeemer prepared me for my career. From building relationships to maintaining a well-run business, and above all else, serving our faithful Father in all areas of life. I learned both in and out of the classroom that my faith isn’t compartmentalized to ‘faith-based activities’, but rather encompasses my whole life – career, academics, friendships, family, stewardship. My time at Redeemer gave me a fresh and life changing perspective on my relationship with others, on how I carry out my day to day tasks, and how I worship the creator of all of it! "


  • Art Framing
  • Art Historian
  • Art Therapist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Marketing Director
  • Photographer

Graduate Programs

  • MA in Art History
  • MA in Art Therapy
  • MA in Arts Education
  • MArch
  • MFA

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