If you have a credit amount on your account you can request a refund by emailing studentaccounts@redeemer.ca. Accounts for students that leave at the end of the Fall semester will be processed, billed or refunded in the last week of January.

Tuition and Fees

Refunds of tuition for the term currently enrolled in will be made from the withdrawal date on the written authorization form from the Registrar’s office based on the following:

Number of days after the first day of classes 2022 Fall Dates* 2023 Winter Dates* Percentage Charged
0-10 Sept 6-19 Jan 9-20 0%
11-15 Sept 20-26 Jan 23-27 25%
16-20 Sept 27-Oct 3 Jan 30-Feb 3 35%
21-25 Oct 4-11 Feb 6-10 50%
26-30 Oct 12-18 Feb 13-17 65%
31-35 Oct 19-25 Feb 27-Mar 3 80%
 Over 35 Oct 26 onward Mar 6 onward 100%

*These dates only apply for courses that start at the beginning of the term

Refunds of tuition, the Redeemer Student Fee, Ombudsman fee, Student Senate Fee and Materials Fee will be calculated according to the above table. Transit fees are non-refundable. The student should be aware that any aid, such as bursaries, grants, loans, awards or scholarships received from Redeemer University and/or private sources for the term (or academic year if so stated in the notice of the award), will be forfeited in full. Reclamation of this aid will be charged against any refund due. If there is no refund due, the student is responsible for any outstanding balance on his or her financial account caused by the forfeiture of this aid.

If a student does not complete the academic year and has received government funding, this funding will be re-assessed. Any refund will be used first to repay any government funding over-payment caused by this re-assessment, after which the student will receive the residual refund if any.

Co-operative Education Program Fees
The program application fee is non-refundable. The Co-op Preparatory course fee is refundable as per the table above. The Work Term I & II fees are not refundable after written acceptance of employment offer.

Housing Fees and Meal Plan Fees

Refunds of housing fees will be allowed only in the case of withdrawal from the university. A student withdrawing from housing (but not from the university) will be charged 100% of the housing fees and a percentage of the term meal plan fees based on the following.

A student withdrawing from housing (and from the university) will pay a percentage of the term housing and term meal plan fees based on the following:

Days in Housing 2022 Fall Dates 2023 Winter Dates Percentage Charged
1-7 Sept 3-9 Jan 7-13 14%
8-14 Sept 10-16 Jan 14-20 22%
15-21 Sept 17-23 Jan 21-27 30%
22-28 Sept 24-30 Jan 28-Feb 3 38%
29-35 Oct 1-7 Feb 4-10 46%
36-42 Oct 8-14 Feb 11-17 54%
43-49 Oct 15-21 Feb 18-24 62%
50-56 Oct 22-28 Feb 25-Mar 3 70%
Over 56 Oct 29 onward Mar 4 onward 100%

 In addition, should the amount of dining dollars used exceed the percentage, the student will be charged the difference.