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What does it mean to love God with our whole mind?

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Ever wonder why you do what you do — and what you can do to improve? Psychology at Redeemer studies the whole person created in the image of God, including human thought, emotion, and behaviour. Use scientific, theoretical, and experiential tools to investigate human strengths and well-being.

Psychology is a Bachelor of Arts degree. It is offered as an honours major, a major, and as a minor.

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Right from the start, you’re learning from professors who are actively researching in their fields and love to get their students involved with hands-on learning and in-class experiments.

In your first year, you’ll be introduced to the two major areas of psychology — clinical (counselling and working with people) and experimental (research and testing). Taught in seminar-style classes, you’ll learn the foundational history, research methodologies, and an overview of human development which prepares you for upper-year courses that dig into specific areas and topics of psychology more in-depth.

Psychology The Core

The Core Curriculum is a set of 10 courses that every student takes. The courses are woven through every major and get you to think deeply and broadly about what you’re studying. Think about it this way…

  • Counsellors provide better care when they understand the diverse stories and histories of their clients.
  • Community development workers treat people fairly when they have considered the meaning of justice.
  • Support workers are more effective when they can understand data and historical trends.

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In the Classroom

In your classes, you’ll ask practical questions that deal with real-world issues in courses like Positive Psychology, Personality, and Developmental Psychology: Infant and Child. Small classes taught by dedicated professors who are experts in their field mean you will conduct and critically assess research as you review the methods, concepts and findings of contemporary psychology.

Beyond the Classroom

Redeemer's psychology lab is a research hub for faculty, where students often assist in current research projects. As one example, Dr. Short has included students in her research on facial recognition. Cassie Wilson ‘17 researched alongside Dr. Short for her thesis and was honoured to be the only undergraduate presenting in her session at the Canadian Psychology Association national convention in Toronto.

Beyond Campus

Participate in a one-term internship, gaining experience in applied or research psychology. Internships provide the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to real-world organizations, situations, and experiences.

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After Redeemer

Alumni of Redeemer’s psychology program are making a positive impact in our society and in our communities.

Emma Richardson '14

is a counsellor based out of Waterloo, where she and her husband also planted a church and serve as its lead pastors. She also holds a MA in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy.

Jason Dykstra '07

helps build and restore healthy relationships in organizations and churches through conflict mediation business.

Find out where a degree in Psychology takes you!
Redeemer’s Psychology Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Roles open to me
with this degree:
  • Corrections officer
  • Crisis worker
  • Employee welfare officer
  • Family service worker
  • Geriatric aide
  • Group home worker
  • Mental health worker
  • Newcomer program coordinator
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Youth care worker
With continuing
education I can be:
  • Addictions counsellor
  • Art/music therapist
  • Knowledge mobilization officer
  • Life coach
  • Occupational therapist
  • Psychometrist
  • Registered psychotherapist
  • Researcher
  • Social worker
  • Teacher
Related jobs in other fields:
  • Academic advisor
  • Advertising agent
  • Business manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Human resources personnel
  • Market researcher
  • Public relations consultant
  • Recruiter
  • Settlement worker
Technical skills:
  • Analyzing, synthesizing and interpreting data
  • Accuracy in record-keeping skills
  • Client consent and confidentiality procedures
  • Designing and constructing surveys and interviews
  • Evidence-based practice skills
  • Knowledge of physiological, emotional, cognitive and social determinants of behaviour
  • Mental health first aid
  • Statistics and social research methodology
Transferable skills:
  • Ability to cope with emotionally demanding situations
  • Awareness of personal bias or privilege
  • Communicating client care practices
  • Engaging in ethical practice
  • Mediating or resolving conflicts
  • Promoting healthy relationships
Discover current trends, wages and job in Canada for the Psychology field.
Explore your career ideas. Find out what Redeemer alumni have done with their degree.
Professional Organizations:
Connect with these organizations to learn more about your career.
  • American Psychological Association
  • Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • Canadian Sport Psychology Association
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • Ontario Psychological Association
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Redeemer’s Psychology Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Alumni can go on
to careers as...
  • Registered psychotherapists
  • Crisis counsellors
  • Play therapists
  • Psychometrists
  • Youth workers
  • Behaviour consultants
  • Teachers
Alumni can do further
studies to earn...
  • PsyD in Clinical Psychology
  • MA in Developmental Psychology
  • MA in Clinical Counselling
  • Certificate in Autism and Behaviour Sciences

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Caring and Conflict

Alumnus Jason Dykstra '07 helps build and restore healthy relationships and communities through conflict mediation.

Presenting Research as an Undergrad

Cassie Wilson ‘17 presents her honours psychology thesis at the Toronto convention of the Canadian Psychological Association

Welcoming the Stranger

Alumna Sarah Snider works with Micah House and Karam Kitchen, two different organizations with very similar goals: empowering and walking alongside refugees and...

Local and Global Renewal

Alumnus Hank de Jong establishes EduDeo Campus 621 in the heart of Hamilton’s neighbourhood revitalization

First Impressions

Dr. Lindsey Short is exploring how experience shapes our impressions of the hundreds of faces we see every day

The impact of religious faith on desire

Why do religious youth tend to avoid negative behaviours? Shaping desires may more important than the resistance of temptations, Redeemer researcher theorizes.

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