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 Why Study Psychology at Redeemer University College?
  • Learn why people do what they do and think what they think.
  • Learn about behaviours and characteristics of development that are typical or “normal" and you will also learn about behaviours and characteristics of development that are atypical or "abnormal".
  • Learn to more fully appreciate the people around you, and their diversity.
  • Understand all dimensions of humanness—spiritual, cognitive, social and biological — and how they interact.

A psychology degree from Redeemer will give you the critical-thinking skills, the oral communication skills, the written communication skills, and the discernment and knowledge of human behaviour that employers find very attractive in potential employees. In addition, you will have a broad liberal arts and sciences background, which is highly valued in a varied job market.



Yolande Linton '2015
Sociology/Social Work with a minor in Criminology

Every tool I need to be successful is right here.

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