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Working for Redeemer

Redeemer University offers equal employment opportunities to qualified applicants. In accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority consideration.

Additionally, it is essential that job candidates understand and are able to identify with the vision and mission of Redeemer University. This is necessary in order to sustain the Christian character of Redeemer University.

The University’s policy is to hire employees who are committed to, and agree with, its identity statements that include the Mission Statement, Statement of Basis and Principles, and The Cross and Our Calling, which express the vision and mission of the University and define its Reformed Christian character. One of the ways that we expect employees to demonstrate this commitment is by their active membership in a church that nurtures the Christian faith as articulated in the confessional heritage of the Protestant Reformation.

These expectations not only flow from the religious ethos of the University but are directly tied to the execution and performance of job tasks which require employees to participate in community worship, apply the principles of their Christian faith to their work, be accountable to the Christian community that supports the University, engage in work activities that support and encourage a campus environment where the holistic development of all persons embodies Christian principles that advance the mission and Christian character of Redeemer University, and represent a Christian perspective in the community at large.

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Human Resources Department

In supporting the mission of Redeemer University, Human Resources is committed to adding value to the University and its investment in employees by providing services based on fairness, equity, economic value, consistency, and institutional and employee need, to foster a compliant, healthy and positive work environment

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