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What does human movement tell us about the whole person made in the image of God?

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Optimize health and performance and prevent injury and illness by understanding human movement in all its complexities and applications. Redeemer's Kinesiology program is broad in scope, with opportunities to learn about movement from the perspectives of physiology, anatomy, psychology, sociology, biomechanics, lifestyle and behaviour and ultimately, provides further appreciation to how all humans are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Kinesiology is offered as a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree program and as an honours major in the Bachelor of Science degree program.

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Right from the start, small class sizes allow for meaningful class discussion, lead by professors who are actively researching in the field and excited to include students in their work.

First-year courses provide foundational skills and knowledge in human anatomy, focusing on how the body moves and functions in relation to fields of health, clinical science and practice, disease prevention, lifestyle, and sport. Many classes, already in your first year, include a lab component where you'll participate in real-world experiments and use professional-grade equipment.

Kinesiology The Core

The Core Curriculum is a set of 10 courses that every student takes. The courses are woven through every major and get you to think deeply and broadly about what you’re studying. Think about it this way…

  • Physical therapists provide better care when they understand the psychosocial and spiritual stories of their patients.
  • Kinesiologists can communicate their findings more clearly when they know how to write persuasively.
  • Chiropractors have a deeper sense of compassion when they ground themselves in the narrative of Scripture.

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In the Classroom

Seminar-style lectures and in-class discussion, in combination with hands-on learning in the labs, provide an interdisciplinary approach to understanding human movement. Courses such as Assessment of Human Fitness, Biomechanics, and Clinical and Rehabilitative Exercise Prescription develop the qualities, skills and knowledge to work in human health fields.

Beyond Campus

Participate in two 8-month paid work placements as part of the co-op program. You will learn from and network with people in the sports management, therapeutics, and medical science industries, while also gaining invaluable experience and practice.

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After Redeemer

Alumni of Redeemer’s kinesiology program are making a positive impact in our society and in our communities.

Dr. Irma Van Andel '10

is a chiropractor and entrepreneur who owns and operates a wellness-based practice that focuses on integrating movement into daily life.

Rachel VandenDool '07

has launched her own physiotherapy practise, where she is teaching healthy, safe movement to the Redeemer community.

Kinesiology and Physical Education
Find out where a degree in Kinesiology takes you!
Redeemer’s Kinesiology Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Roles open to me
with this degree:
  • Activities coordinator - long term care
  • Aquatics program coordinator
  • Athletic therapy assistant
  • Biomechanist
  • Camp director
  • Coach
  • Ergonomist
  • Exercise and sport promotion
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Fitness instructor
With continuing
education I can be:
  • Dietician
  • Health and social policy developer
  • Naturopath
  • Occupational therapist
  • Paramedic
  • Physical therapist
  • Public health official
  • Sports centre director
  • Sport psychologist
  • Sports medicine physician (or other specialty)
Related jobs in other fields:
  • Adventure/outdoor educator
  • Assisted living coordinator
  • Author
  • Education assistant
  • Nutrition aide
  • Researcher
  • Spa manager
  • Sports equipment salesperson
  • Wellness teacher
Technical skills:
  • Familiarity with lab equipment, data measurement techniques and safety procedures
  • Acquiring and interpreting complex scientific data
  • Knowledge of the functions of the human body
  • Proficient awareness of health and wellness issues
  • Ability to prescribe exercise to healthy and specific disease populations over the lifespan
Transferable skills:
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Leadship and Initiative
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Present ideas and data clearly
  • Programming and systems anaylsis
  • Supporting colleagues under pressure
  • Synthesizing complex information
  • Teaching and coaching aptitude
Discover current trends, wages and job in Canada for the Kinesiology and Physical Education field.
Explore your career ideas. Find out what Redeemer alumni have done with their degree.
Professional Organizations:
Connect with these organizations to learn more about your career.
  • Association for Canadian Ergonomists
  • Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators
  • Canadian Kinesiology Alliance
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association National Office
  • The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association
  • The Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology
  • The Ontario Kinesiology Association
  • The Physiological Society
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Redeemer’s Kinesiology Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Alumni can go on
to careers as...
  • Athletic therapists
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapists
  • Kinesiologists
  • Paramedics
  • Personal trainers
  • Sports managers
  • Coaches
  • Physical therapists
  • Recreational therapists
Alumni can do further
studies to earn...
  • MSc in Sport Physiology
  • Master of Kinesiology (MKin)
  • MSc in Physical Therapy
  • Master of Fitness Science (MFSc)
  • MSc in Nutrition
  • Registered Kinesiologist (RKin)
  • Registered Physiotherapist (RPT)
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Redeeming the Body

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. At the peak of the creation story, God created mankind in his likeness and called it very good. Humanity is the...

Bachelor of Kinesiology Added to Degree Offerings

Redeemer launches its newest degree, a bachelor of kinesiology, beginning this fall after gaining wider degree-granting authority in 2020.

Motivated to Love with Healing Hands

Through physiotherapy co-op work experiences, fifth-year kinesiology student Selena Kennedy is learning to see God in her work and follow his path.

Caring for the Whole Person

Rachel VandenDool '07 has launched her own physiotherapy practice, where she is teaching healthy, safe movement to the Redeemer community.

Christ-Centred Researchers

The Science Research Fellowship, which allowed high school students to contribute to university-level research with Redeemer faculty, was a major success.

Engaging young Christians in the sciences

This summer, Redeemer continues to invest in experience-enhanced learning by offering a one-week intensive science research fellowship for high school students.

Wonderfully Made

Chiropractor and entrepreneur Irma Van Andel '10 celebrates creation through kinesiology

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