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What's the relationship between spiritual, emotional and physical health?

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Study health and its impact on populations, and personal and societal health and well-being, preparing for alternative health streams such as nursing, midwifery, physical therapy, lab technology, and other post-graduate programs. Redeemer's Health Sciences Professional program provides an interdisciplinary study of health through biological and psychological concepts that are essential to understanding our physical and emotional selves.

Health Sciences Professional is a Bachelor of Science degree program. It is offered as an honours major.

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Right from the start, you will explore the scientific background of health sciences with courses in biology, chemistry and psychology. Courses include in-class lectures and hands-on experiences in the lab using a range of equipment and techniques.

Redeemer’s interdisciplinary Health Sciences - Professional program studies the relevant issues and concepts impacting human health today and asks questions in light of a Reformed Christian worldview. Learning about the factors that impact human health and well-being prepares you to exemplify Christian compassion, integrity, and respect to those who are unwell, disabled, chronically ill, or mentally ill.

Health Sciences Professional The Core

The Core Curriculum is a set of 10 courses that every student takes. The courses are woven through every major and get you to think deeply and broadly about what you’re studying. Think about it this way…

  • Physical therapists provide better care when they understand the psychosocial and spiritual stories of their patients.
  • Lab technicians can communicate their findings more clearly when they know how to write persuasively.
  • Midwives have a deeper sense of compassion when they ground themselves in the narrative of Scripture.

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In the Classroom

Courses like Determinants of Health, Inquiry of Issues in Health, and Biomedical Ethics will focus on developing your critical thinking, analytical, and scientific writing skills. Small classes taught by dedicated professors who are experts in their field mean you will conduct and critically assess research as you review the methods, concepts and findings of contemporary medical researchers and experiments.

Beyond Campus

Participate in an internship in an applied or research setting related to health and well-being to gain work experience, mentorship and networking opportunities with professionals.

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After Redeemer

Alumni of Redeemer’s health sciences professional program are making a positive impact in our society and in our communities.

Dr. Rodney DeKoter '88

has built a career studying the connection between nuclear proteins and leukemia and whose research will lead to the development of the next generation of anti-cancer drugs.

Dr. Irma Van Andel '10

is a chiropractor and entrepreneur who owns and operates a wellness-based practice that focuses on integrating movement into daily life.

Health Sciences
Find out where a degree in Health Sciences Professional takes you!
Redeemer’s Health Sciences Professional Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Roles open to me
with this degree:
  • Health care data entry
  • Health claims reviewer
  • Health educator
  • Lab technician
  • Medical administrative assistant
  • Public health nutritionist
  • Quality assurance officer - healthcare
  • Rehabilitation aide
  • Research assistant
  • Unit communications clerk - healthcare
With continuing
education I can be:
  • Clinical trial manager (masters)
  • Dietician (masters)
  • Public health officer (masters)
  • Speech language pathologist (masters)
  • Medical communicator (PhD)
  • Professor (PhD)
  • Chiropractor (Professional School)
  • Doctor (Professional School)
  • Nurse (Professional School)
  • Pharmacist (Professional School)
Related jobs in other fields:
  • Biotechnology lab technician
  • Health Informatician
  • Health policy analyst
  • Human resources personnel
  • Industrial health & safety specialist
  • Medical device reprocessing tech
  • Medical equipment salesperson
  • Pharmaceutical salesperson
  • Rehabilitation program coordinator
Technical skills:
  • Biological specimen handling and processing
  • Experimental design
  • Following regulatory guidelines
  • Hypothesis testing and creation of innovative ideas
  • Scientific data analysis and interpretation
  • Scientific writing and communication
  • Wet lab and field techniques
Transferable skills:
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Critical thinking and development of research questions
  • Effective communication (verbal and written)
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Knowledge translation to scientific and non- scientific communities
  • Project development and management
  • Self-motivation and time allocation
Discover current trends, wages and job in Canada for the Health Sciences field.
Explore your career ideas. Find out what Redeemer alumni have done with their degree.
Professional Organizations:
Connect with these organizations to learn more about your career.
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Canadian Public Health Association
  • Clinical Research Association of Canada
  • Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario
  • One Health Initiative
  • Ontario Long Term Care Association
  • Ontario Medical Association
  • Ontario Public Health Association
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Health Sciences Professional
Redeemer’s Health Sciences Professional Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Alumni can go on
to careers as...
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Health educators
  • Health agency promoters
  • Optometrists
  • Researchers
  • Midwives
  • Lab technicians
  • Pharmacists
Alumni can do further
studies to earn...
  • MA in Medical Microbiology
  • MSc in Biomedical Sciences
  • MSc in Global Health
  • MSc in Medical Science
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Health Sciences Professional

Stepping into Christ’s Mission

Two new Redeemer faculty members discuss integrating faith and learning.

Advancing the Study of Hamilton’s Contaminated Waterways

As part of a year-long water quality study in Hamilton’s Chedoke Creek, student Masozi Palata is using DNA analysis to identify the source of fecal contamination in...

Christ-Centred Researchers

The Science Research Fellowship, which allowed high school students to contribute to university-level research with Redeemer faculty, was a major success.

Redeemer expands and upgrades health and life sciences labs

$400,000 in donations dedicated to a new pathology research lab, a new aquatic toxicology lab, a renewed chemistry lab and an expanded human kinetics lab

Engaging young Christians in the sciences

This summer, Redeemer continues to invest in experience-enhanced learning by offering a one-week intensive science research fellowship for high school students.

Tomorrow’s Christian Health-Care Leaders

With pre-medicine and professional streams, the Health Sciences program is preparing students for the ever-expanding health-care field.

Alumna part of new program delivering health care

Katelyn Miller '12 accepted a position in primary care on Manitoulin Island.

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Take that first step and experience Redeemer’s one-of-a-kind community like never before. Visiting campus — whether in-person or online — is the best way to figure out if Redeemer is the right fit for you.

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