Executive Summary of the Education Program Review (Fall 2019)

As part of the institutional quality assurance process, the Education Department completed a Self-Study of the Education program in Fall 2018. A review team comprised of two external and one internal reviewer performed a site visit on November 9, 2018, meeting with students, faculty, and relevant support staff and senior administration. The team subsequently submitted an External Reviewers’ Report on December 12, 2018.

The review team praised the Education program for its numerous strengths, including its extremely positive program review by the Ontario College of Teachers, effective balance of theory and practice, meaningful student-faculty relationships, clear articulation and implementation of RUC’s mission, up-to-date course offerings, sophisticated approach to assessment that satisfies multiple constituencies and equips future teachers, high scholarly output of faculty, strong levels of student satisfaction, and, crucially, outstanding graduates who are sought after in private and public schools. The Education department plans to implement the Review Team’s programmatic recommendations to close the concurrent program and merge some intermediate teaching subject electives, beginning in the Fall 2019 semester. The institution will implement the recommendation to improve library resources for the department.