Executive Summary for the Review of the French Department

In the summer of 2018, the French Department completed a self-study and was reviewed by a committee of two external members and one internal professor at Redeemer University in Fall 2018. In addition to the formal written review, the committee conducted an on-site visit with full-time faculty, students and various members of Redeemer’s administration.

The external committee appreciated the thoughtful program offered by the French Department. The external reviewers noted the Redeemer in France program is an invaluable highlight of the program. Other noted strengths include the strong camaraderie between students and the fact that students have rich opportunities for exchange with both their professors and peers in a program with high expectations. The external recommendations included some minor readjustments in course numbering, opportunities to change first-year course offerings, and a recommended tutorial/conversation hour for first year. The department is scheduled to complete all the recommended changes by Fall 2020.