Executive Summary Report for the review of the Media and Communication Studies program – Winter 2022

As part of Redeemer’s institutional quality assurance process, the media and communication studies (MCS) faculty completed a Self-Study Report of the MCS programs in September, 2021. A review team composed of two external and one internal reviewer performed, due to COVID restrictions, an online visit over several days in November, meeting with students, faculty, and relevant support staff and senior administration. After some internal delays, the review team submitted a final External Reviewers’ Report on January 28, 2022.

The review team praised the MCS program and its faculty for: its desire to be aligned with Redeemer’s overall mission and current strategic plan, the expertise of its instructors and the excellent use of a variety of pedagogical methods at different points in the program. During a period in which the program has the opportunity to re-focus through some faculty turnover, the review team saw opportunities for: the program to more clearly define and describe its focus and outcomes, continue to deepen its Reformed Christian perspective, explore how it can make connections with allied programs that can lead to mutual benefits for students in each program, clarify and strengthen its relationship with IT and begin formal planning on equipment life-cycling.

Based on their Response, approved on April 1, 2021, the MCS faculty and Redeemer administration have carefully considered the External Reviewers’ Report and prepared a concrete plan, with a timeline, to strengthen the program in response to the recommendations. This plan has been approved by the Academic Quality Assurance Committee and Redeemer’s Senate.