Executive Summary Report for Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program and Geography Minor were reviewed in 2016 by two external reviewers (Professor, Earth and Environmental Science, and Professor, Geography and Director of Environmental Studies) and one internal reviewer from another discipline. Together, they looked at a number of significant factors related to the programs, including learning outcomes, syllabi, enrolment numbers, student surveys, and facilities and infrastructure. They met with members of the department, a number of students, the Dean, the Acting Vice President‐Academic, the Registrar, and the Directors of Research, Teaching and Learning, Faculty Mentoring, and the Library.

Their review was thorough. The reviewers commended the Department for its approach to the study of the environment within a Christian perspective and in keeping with a Christian environmental view. They identified the programs as being of national quality, and they recognized the very high calibre of the full‐time faculty in the Department.

Several recommendations were made that would: enhance the external perceptions of the program and address minor gaps in the curriculum to enhance the quality of the programs.
The department’s response to these recommendations was positive, and it will begin in 2017 to move towards implementing recommendations as it is able.