Our mission as a department is to prepare students for lives of faithful, effective service to God and his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Each of our programs equips Christian men and women to understand the forces that have shaped and continue to shape our world, and to enter that world as messengers of hope. The department offers programs in two main disciplines, History and Politics & International Studies (POLIS). We train students to the highest standards of excellence in these disciplines, grounding them in broad and deep knowledge of their subjects, while finely honing their skills of research, analysis, and communication. At the same time, we approach everything from a fully biblical worldview in the rich intellectual tradition of Reformed Christianity. The result is graduates who are prepared for wise leadership in their professions, families, churches, and the public square.

The History program offers a wide range of courses on Western and world history, with particular areas of focus on Western European history, Islamic/Middle Eastern history, and the history of Christianity. The POLIS programs in International Relations, International Development, and Politics & International Studies integrate courses in international relations, politics, history, economics and several other disciplines to provide a well-rounded understanding of POLIS subfields, complemented by strong experiential learning opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our programs will:

  • Have an excellent understanding of History and/or POLIS that is both broad and deep—neither hyper-specialized nor superficial—and that prepares them for informed contributions to professional life, their churches, and the public square;
  • See and be able to explain how the biblical worldview and the Reformed Christian tradition shed light on their area of study, and draw on them in their approach to a wide range of topics, questions, and problems;
  • Know how to conduct accurate research, distinguish between reliable and unreliable information, and come to evidence-based conclusions;
  • Make well-reasoned, clear, and effective arguments in speech and in writing;
  • Exhibit biblical virtues of discernment, integrity, respect, and compassion in their dealings with others.



Honours Major Major Minor

History, Politics & International Studies Department Faculty

Dr. K. J. Drake

Sessional Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D. (2018), Historical Theology, St. Louis University; M.Div. (2012), Covenant Theological... Read More

Dr. Kevin Flatt

Professor of History, Associate Dean of Humanities
Ph.D. (2009), History, McMaster University; M.A. (2004), History, University of Western Ontario;... Read More

Dr. Robert Joustra

Associate Professor of Politics & International Studies, Director, Centre for Christian Scholarship, Director of Mentoring
Ph.D. (2013), International Relations, University of Bath; Dissertation: The Religious Problem in... Read More


Prof. Ed Bosveld

Part-time instructor, Law and Public Policy


Prof. Baiyu Andrew Song

Part-time Instructor of History
Ph.D. cand., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.; Dissertation:... Read More


Prof. Helen Vreugdenhil

Adjunct Professor of History (Part time)
MA (1988), History, University of Toronto; BA (1987), History and English, Redeemer University... Read More


Dr. David Zietsma

Interim President, Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. (2007), History, University of Akron; Dissertation: Imagining Heaven and Hell: Religion,... Read More